The first leg of Formula D Japan was held during the Japan Motor Games last July 6 to 7 together with the World Time Attack Challenge. The event had familiar drivers/tuners from the Japanese community as well as visitors and competitors from all around the world. I will split my coverage into several parts to take a closer look on some builds. Enjoy.

This 86 was on display for Work Wheels Japan, it was build by Dream Garage for Daisuke Miyazaki and it had an LS1 from a C5 Vette. It also sports a custom kit from TRA-Kyoto and Work DR9’s.

The car started as a base model ZN6, the unpainted body parts just adds character.

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Work also displayed one of their latest wheels, this particular set of  XSA 04c‘s was one of the first made. The car was the Weld 86 which was debuted during OKJP 2013. Body work was done by the shop, the body kit was full metal and built through a wire frame.

The car was imported from the US as it had Scion badges and it was LHD. After the event we had quick visit at their shop. Do you want more on the Yokohama based shop?

After witnessing the craftsmanship of the Weld 86 at OKJP 2013 and experiencing the allure of its customizations firsthand, it’s understandable to become attached to such a unique automotive gem.

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The “stock” 4ugse/FA20 was polished with upgraded internals. Details: Notice the different gradients of burgundy and the scale model of the XSA’s on the first ITB (Work Wheels approved).

Naoki Ishijima‘s RX8 was on display, wheel choice was Work M1’s  matched with Endless Zeal coilovers with 24kg spring-rates in the front and 20kg spring-rates in the rear!

They had numerous designs on display, including my future set?

Prices of these wheels in Japan aren’t even bad at all. They just double up after taxes, shipping fee and dealer mark-ups in Manila.

Having a walk at the Formula D/WTAC pit is a bucket-list worthy experience. Seeing all the cars, drivers and tuners is one for the books.

Some cars were scheduled to run at the World Time Attack Challenge. The 1034hp Top Secret GTR had a lap time of 1:41 at the Fuji International Speedway that day.

Legend status.

Some were prepared for the first Formula D race is Japan. Tsutomu Fujio drove the Bold Motorsports R34 drift car.

Big names left and right. Daigo Saito was also in the pits with his 1200hp Lexus ISC. It had a 2JZ on it with a 3.4 liter Brian Crower stroker kit, suspension for the car is DG5.

Origin Lab JZX100.


The drift cars kept driving by during the day.

Andrew Gray‘s JZX which produces 900whp.

Masashi Yokoi, who drove this D-Max S15 won second place during day 2.

Kenji Kiguchi brought in this “Guild n One” Supra famous for its Celica front end conversion.

Its fully modified 2j sounded crazy while he was at it.

I stayed in Mad Mike‘s pit to take photos and listen to Japbul’s NA quad-rotor. Eardrums felt numb, seriously.

A classic Dr30 Skyline. Has to be the most underrated R-chassis.

An s15 which I took a ton of photos because of its kit. Not sure on which brand but the wide fenders were Koguchi Power.

All about the details.

Noritsugu Totani’s C35 Laurel. Those Wonder kits are just too awesome.

More on their pit and that Supra.

Has to the craziest bay I’ve seen. Numbers please?

Thr car is driven by Yuji Tanaka who felt laid back in the pits.

R Magic RX7

Watching the judges do their thing. Bucket list stuff, again.

Fatlace worldwide. SF x HNL x LA x GUAM x TYO x MNL x NZ

Be back with more in a few days.

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