Time flies so fast as it has been another great year of producing content for this site. As I mentioned last year, “I have no background in writing and photography. I took this challenge with open arms as I wanted to show everyone what the Philippines is capable of.” Not this time around. A lot of opportunities came so why not expand what you do? Here’s a quick recap of what happened.

2014 was a good year for the scene in our country. We had builds and several shops that went global on a global scale.

Manila Fitted had 6 meets this year including the anniversary meet which drew more than 80 cars. People ask why meets never made it to this site? Spread your content. As you can see, I take photos of the cars who attend the meet for a 1-on-1  feature.

The biggest highlight of my year was my trip to Japan where I got to experience the car culture first hand.

Had a blast hanging out with the Fatlace crew for more than 4 days.

I also made new friends from the Japanese car scene. I will never get tired of learning and sharing ideas with them. Much respect to these guys.

These guys give it all out, not only in their cars but on how they stand in life.

What’s good is that I still keep in touch with them like my good friend Ty.

Meeting and hanging out with Kei Miura was something for the books.

 The visit to Daikoku Futo  marked a check on my bucket list and also added an entry which is to return to the infamous lot. It’s just something every car guy should experience.

Taking a cruise in the Wangan from the Mooneyes Cafe gave me the chills. What’s good is to see my entries/articles gain a good number of views on this site. I was very humbled for that.

I love taking photos even if I do not consider it as my real hobby. Timely shots like these make me want to improve my camera gear.

I attended the 7107 International Music Fest. It was a 2-day parade organized by the Trilogy group. Crazy turnout, full recap here: We are 7107

Mark asked me to gather cars to display for Illest Manila for 7107, I also made it sure that my personal project made it this time.

The s15. After plans of selling it, I finally decided to keep it. The car never made it to a feature here. It may be easy for me to get a camera, shoot and write about it but I think it’s still not worth the feature. Maybe this coming year?

So again, what to expect for the upcoming year? More car features!


There are a lot of untouched bases here in Manila, like this Celica for instance. I had a crazy schedule last year with different commitments but I’m definitely taking a time out just for this. Watch out.

I will still be covering events from the sneaker scene as it continuously grows here in Manila.

I will also be back in Japan with the crew for Offset Kings 2015.

What’s good about this blog is that you make friends with people who share the same interests. Special thanks to Mark, Vince, Anton, Anthony, Brian and the rest of the Fatlace crew for having me around. The boys from DMF Drift, Drive Hard Crew, Car Porn Racing, Sole Slam Manila, Iori, Jeiven and Mark of Ozawa JDM/Sushi Factory.  Wendell, Jon of the Trilogy group.  In behalf of  Manila Fitted, I am taking this opportunity to thank our supporters for another great year.

Do what you love and love what you do.

This ends my final post for 2014. Have a blessed year up ahead.

May God Bless you.

Kevin Carlos, Fatlace | Manila Fitted

Filipino Pride All Day, Everyday. 


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