Welcome back to Part 2 of the Infamous coverage. We’ll start out with some serious stance by Andy, laying it all out on the floor with some serious poke.

Boom. Check out that photography stance! Hella calves with mad vein poke.

Prepare to see a bunch of 350z’s and G35’s, each with their own style. Here’s a 350z on murdered out Work Equips.

Yogi wet himself when he saw the lineup of hella flush cars.

The “Geek Wagon” from Low N’ Slow. Don’t see too many modded Passat Wagons around.

Love the burgundy paint on this Z and the white SSR MS1’s compliment it so well.

This MK6 on HRE 454 was looking real good. Not sure how the HRE 454 would look on a car that wasn’t a Lamborghini, but it looks good on this Volkswagen Rabbit.

Check out that rear fitment!

This 350z looks pretty damn good on White Volk TE37s.

Every time I see a nice BMW, I always think of the acronym “Break My Wallet.” This E92 would break my wallet for sure.

Another “Break My Wallet” with the timeless classic Work VS-XXs.

It got the best parking spot because there were no poles or any distractions in the background.

It’s  pretty normal now to see people bringing their slammed skateboards or wagons, but now there are more modifications such as a system on a slammed wagon.

Tjin Edition Camaro aired out on some Forge Star wheels.

Vinh’s STi on Mag Blue RE30s. Feature coming soon…

NB Miata from Project-G on Work Equip 03s, and rocking that Project-G bikini canvas top.

Junction Produce GS300.

Clean 350z on Blacked Out Work Equips.

Mike from Team Praxis’ Acura TL!

Marcus’ G35 on SSR SP1s, previously featured here. He went on to win Best Hella Flush at the show.

350z rollin’ in.

Thao’s BN Sport S13. Yes, girl-owned and driven.

Royal Flush lined up here.

My favorite wheels at the show, Work Meisters in some sort of bronze/blackish chrome finish.

Clean Miata, wish I could’ve gotten a better photo, but I was using a 70-200mm lens and there wasn’t any room to get a front photo.

Models? Let’s just use a stuffed panda, so it won’t damage the hood when it’s modeling on it.

First Scion FR-S with serious fitment by Rotiform.

Rumor has it that this car will be bagged soon.

Props to Rotiform for starting the fitment scene for the Scion FR-S crowd.

Noel was Merc’n at the show, rocking two sets of rims.

BBS RS or AMG wheels?

Kept on seeing people crowd around this car. I was wondering what it was and to my surprise, it was a rusted out Honda Civic wagon.

From afar it doesn’t look like much, but when you get closer there are a lot of small details that took me back to that nostalgia feeling of when you get your first car and you want to do so much to it but only have money for the small things. Things such as painting the brake calipers and getting a set of window visors add character to the car.

This car has a lot of character that can only be truly appreciated if you know the story behind the design of the hood or the license plate mirror covers.

My favorite color on a car, red.

Jeff’s RSX from Royal Origin on Regamasters.

Miata slammed on BBS RS.

Another Hella Flush Alumni, Ryan’s Civic on CCW LM-5s.

Told you there would be a bombardment of 350z. Can”t talk about the fitment scene without the big body of a 350z, especially with some wide Work Eurolines.

Insert generic wheel fitment caption.

Sexy Mini, indeed.

Civic on OZ Futuras.

Grass cuttin’ S13 from before.

The Royal Flush crew came out to support the show, displaying their sick VIP builds like this crazy GS300.

The Infamous Milt Salamanca and his 350z on Work Rezax.

The wheels of the Infamous.

Another Infamous build, RB25 S13 on SSR SP1s.

Chris’ 350z, check out that rear fitment.

Rocky’s Mazda 3 on Work Emitz, one of our favorites.

The Royal Origin cats.

You’ve probably seen this Porsche all over the net. The Rotiform Porsche on concave TMB monolooks.

Looks great, slammed on nice wheels and a stock body.

Rotiform is always bringing out the coolest rides. Keep it up, fellas.

I’ve been lucky enough to see this car numerous times for the past couple of weeks and I am still in awe of the work that has been put into these cars.

Chaihona 1 was looking great by the beach, made me want to take it for a cruise down PCH.

Seeing two RWBs together was like seeing two unicorns running across a rainbow while skittles rained. Amazing.

Illest SSR SP1s on the Pandora One.

Wide body love.

Look at all the necks that were broken in the background.

Going to miss the green on Pandora 1, but the black gives it the aggressive RWB feel that I love so much in a car.

Sorry that I’m bombarding you guys with so many photos of Pandora 1. I just love it so much.

Rauh Welt Begriff, the attention these cars get is amazing. The whole talk of the show was RWB this and RWB that.  I hope one day, I will build a car that gets the attention of the whole world like what RWB has done.

Vossen girls picking a lucky ticket that will win somebody a set of Vossen Wheels.

The man who made this show happen, Mark Arcenal.

Armand with the Red Toyota MR2 won best Toyota.

Hellaflush x Canibeat.

Being able to attend shows like this is a blessing. Thank you to everyone who made it out.  It was an amazing day with awesome cars, great people, and breathtaking scenery. I hope you guys enjoyed my coverage of the show and make it out to one of the Hella Flush shows one day in the near future. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos in the large gallery I have below. Take care!