The annual 180sx/Silvia and 7’s Meet was held during day 2 of the Japan Motor Games at Fuji International Speedway. As a big S-chassis/Rotary fan, I made it sure to cover the event that was simultaneous with Offset Kings Japan, Formula D and the World Time Attack Challenge. Check out the some of the photos from the meet.

Off all the tuned RX7’s, this has to be my favorite, the FC RS Pantera. Legend status.

With dozens of photos saved in my desktop, seeing it in person made my boy-dreams come true.

Fresh from its ear-shattering run at the track, RE Amemiya Hurricane was also at the meet.

The R Magic RX-7 was also present.


This FD RX7 had the Car Shop Glow vibe into it.

Judging from the aesthetic side of the vehicle, almost all of the panels are modified.

It had the time attack feel into it, it’s aero may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does look really good in person. Those beefy Advan TCIII‘s surely added an aggressive touch.

I dropped by at the meet with my good friend Iori Suzuki from Osaka, he automatically noticed this HKS Circuit Attack Counter Sensor (behind the canard) which automatically detects when you’re in a race track.

Another car with the “Jada Toys” feel. An FC RX7 on 20’s?

In my personal opinion RX7’s look way better when track/raced prepped.

The event was dated a day before the annual RX7 day in Japan (7/7), but the meet was not limited for the 7’s.  A wild bosozoku inspired RX-3 also arrived.

The wheel I fell in-love in Japan, the Panasport G7’s (Photo: 18×11 offset:?).  I also noticed the price hike/spike upon my search for an aggressive set of these classics.

One of the masters of Rotary in Japan, Scoot Sports brought their infamous widebody RX7. Too bad I didn’t hear its quad rotor. Quick trivia: Y34 tail lamps?

On to the 180’s and Silvia’s!

A Silvia meet may not be complete without a Rocket Bunny kitted example. This S13 is owned by Yamauchi Shuhei of Professor Auto Service which was completed for the event.



A Garage Mak kitted S15 on RPF1’s, with less aggressive aero parts and add on’s this time.

A conservative, classy example of the Type X.

Zenki’s are starting to get rarer with all the conversions done.  Will there will be a time that people will start to backdate their S14’s?

SHP Engineering came in full force, they had more than 10 cars at the meet. Me and Iori had a long chat with the owners to check their specs and learn more about Japanese street culture.  They even showed us their street drifting and touge videos. Straight legit.

This particular S15 was my favorite. It had the most underrated Silvia kit ever, Works 9. The approach on the rear over fender is just awesome.

Language made our challenged our conversation but the words like “ichigo” and “dorifto” made us connect.

It was also my first time to see the Varietta S15. Hmm.

Uniform styling, imagine these guys driving side by side during their touge runs.


A generous welcome from the guys, thanks again for the exclusive stickers and for your hospitality.

I wonder if they use the same paint code?

Looks familiar? Is this THE HKS Genki Hyper S15 demo car driven by N.O.B?

PS13’s were limited at the meet. It had mostly S15’s then RPS13’s.

A classic rendition of the famous Kouki S14, TE37’s and a Vertex Ridge kit.

(For the owners of the vehicles: please send me your email address for more photos and for corrections)

I will be back with part 3 of my Offset Kings Japan coverage.

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