Spent the other Sunday afternoon at Tomales Bay Oyster Company.

This is where you get the fresh oysters. They come in packs of 12 or 50. We ended up getting them in dozens, but totaled about 120 by the end of the day. If you want to have a picnic, they provide all the basics. You don’t need to bring much since they sell the basics there… unless you want to be “that gourmet group” who brings gourmet cupcakes, wine, wine glasses, ceramic plates, olive salad, tablecloth and whatever else is BBQ baller status. Only thing you can’t bring is a boom box. They play 90% cool music ranging from reggae, Latin, light rock. All easy listening.
oyster bar

Here’s Phil shuckin away.

This is P. He made the dopest hip hop mixtapes back in the day. Also one of me and Mark’s trusted bomb squad homies. Now he’s a selekta who’s specialty is spinning rare dancehall.

Phil even brought a few “Jumbo” sized Red Horses from the motherland. That’s malt if you didn’t know… and very smooth. No more St. Ides for me, haha.

Took baby boy for a walk by the bay.
scurvy bandits

The drive back is scenic, very relaxing way to end the day.

Plan was to get Ben & Jerry’s but they were closed, due to a family emergency. Hope they are OK!

Went to Mollie Stones to get some ice cream. Same smell, pretty good too!
ice cream

Also grabbed some candy bars. You should try Mo’s Bacon Bar if you haven’t tasted it yet. Bacon and Chocolate really go well together!
bacon bar

Caught the sunset at Ocean Beach on the way home.