Coming to you all the way from China is Tony Lin’s Black 2008 Honda Fit(GE8) on Weds Bvillens TS-VIII. Tony has done a great job modifying the car inside and out.

On the outside you will see Tony has went with the JDM GE8 Fit RS front bumper with the none fog lights, and then on top of that with the Chargespeed carbon front lip and side skirts. Also, Mugen ventilated window visors to add some visual appeal on the top/side lines of the car.

This has been selected with a set of Weds Bvillens TS-VIII  18×8+42 (front) and 18×9.5+24 (rear) with Yokohama 215/35/18 all around. You definitely do not these wheels often; good selection.

Tony decided to let the car sit on D2 air suspension. The ability to lay down and then pounce to take action.

The outside rear is still simple with just the JDM OEM spoiler and Chargespeed carbon rear diffuser. And you can see the Fujitsubo cat-back exhaust lurking underneath.

In the inside you can see Tony has Defi gauges (oil temperature, oil pressure, & water temperature) with Defi-link unit control system, Defi analog tachometer switch & indicator(9000rpm top end), Defi-Link Speed Display, JDM FD2 OEM steering wheel, JDM DC5 OEM gear leather boot, and J’s Racing titanium gear knob.

Deeper inside, you will see the heart of the ride. JDM DC5 K20A engine (220hp) plus 6 manual transmission gearbox swap(Final Drive 4.7) with Mugen N1 Racing ECU. Tony definitely made this little guy quick.

Modification List
1. JDM GE8 Fit RS Front Bumper(None Fog Lights)
2. JDM OEM Spoiler
3. Chargespeed Carbon Front Lip,
Chargespeed Carbon Side Skirts,
Chargespeed Carbon Rear Diffuser.
4. PIAA HID H4 6000K-8000K,Adjustable Headlight
5. Mugen Ventilated Wind Visors
6. Weds Bvillens TS-VIII  18×8+42 (front) and 18×9.5+24 (rear) with Yokohama 215/35/18 all around

1. JDM DC5 K20A engine(220hp) + 6MT gearbox swap(Final Drive 4.7)
2. Mugen N1 Racing ECU
3. OKADA Projects Plasma Direct
4. Denso Racing 8 degree Spark Plugs
5. HKS Air Induction Kits
6. Fujitsubo Cat-Back Exhaust

1. D2 Air Suspension
2. AP Racing Pro5000+ 4pots Calipers with Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
3. J’s Racing Stainless Brake Hose
4. CUSCO Front Anti-Roll-Bar
5. CUSCO Rear Anti-Roll-Bar
6. CUSCO Front Upper Strut Brace
7. CUSCO Rear Upper Strut Brace
8. CUSCO H-Frame Lower Brace
9. J’s Racing Circuit Pillar Upper Bar

1. Defi 60mm Gauges,Oil Temp, Oil Pressure,Water Temp with Defi-link Unit Control System.
2. Defi 80mm analog tachometer Switch & indicator(9000rpm top end)
3. Defi-Link Speed Display
4. JDM FD2 OEM Steering Wheel
5. JDM DC5 OEM Gear Leather Gaiter
6. J’s Racing Titanium Gear Knob
7. Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover
8. Mugen Foot Padels

Thank you to Tony Lin for taking the pictures himself, and sharing his build with me to share it with you exclusively for Hope you enjoyed, till next time.

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-Shavi W.
Instagram: @ShaviW