Our second full-day stop was at the Port of Cartagena, Spain. Right off the ship we were already greeted with a sculpture dedicated to the soldiers that fought in Cavite, Philippines during the American-Spanish War that took place back home on the islands. Being from that very province, sparked a connection to this place immediately. In many ways, Cartagena shows it’s various influences from Baroque, Neo-Classical and Modernist styles throughout the cityscape. Being an inhabited city since the time of the fourth century under its original name–Mastia, then re-founded in 228 BC as Qart Hadasht [New Carthage], one can only marvel at all of the history that is ingrained in every stone here. Speaking of which, an archaeological milestone dating back to the Roman Empire known as The Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova is a definite must-see for anyone visiting. Not only seeing the artifacts, but BEING within the theatre itself was was phenomenal experience. On display within the museum were actual sculptural finds of The God Apollo and Rhea Silvia. It was fresh to see signs of our young Apollo traveling along with us as well.



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