As we continued our journey, we found ourselves approaching the Adriatic Sea and ported at the coast of Split, Croatia. Since the water was too shallow for the ship to dock, we were prompted to take smaller boats to shore. It was pretty fresh to make our way in such a manner. It gave an extra level of adventure+exploration. Once we landed, it was clear that this place was no stranger to street culture as we quickly snapped handstyles gracing the street-level. We even ended our tour of Diocletian’s Palace with a statue of Bishop Grgur Ninski by sculptor  Ivan Mestrovic and alongside it, was a burner that mirrored the sculpture and tower behind it. It makes sense that events such as Write4Gold have had participants from this region come thru and represent hard. Overall, our visit to Split was pleasant but short-lived. The Adriatic Sea is a beautiful blue and the photos that are presented to you here have been altered very minimally in Photoshop to show the true beauty of the water and landscape. We hope to visit Croatia again one day. Hopefully this will intrigue your interests to head out that way some day as well. Give THNX for taking the time to read this. Hope it was insightful.


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