Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (VTCS) is the largest and most prestigious Surfing event held annually on the North Shore of Oahu Hawai’i.  VTCS celebrates the 30th anniversary with $1Million in prize money and will draw competitors and fans from all across the globe! This year, there will be a one-time $100,000 winner-takes-all cash bonus for the Triple Crown champion. The largest global broadcast of professional surfing in history will take the Vans Triple Crown into more than 200 million homes worldwide. Within VTCS there are 3 major competitions, Reef Hawaiian Pro (November 12 thru 24th), World Cup of Surfing (Nov 25th thru Dec 6th) & Billabong Pipe Masters (Dec 8th thru 20th) and 6 time World Champion Kelly Slater has signed up for all 3 competitions.  This will be an amazing and historical event!

So whether a you are visiting or a resident expect to spend hours stuck in traffic in November and December when traveling to Oahu’s North Shore.