Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day off, but most all remembering the fallen. This day is just not about the beer and BBQ folks, pay respects to those who are overseas and also still here in the US protecting our home.

Well, since my buddy and I had some time off today, we made a photo shoot out of it right when he got off work. Meet Matthew Gokim, Anaheim resident and member of the car crew STYLE63. Matt and all of the guys of STYLE63 are my good friends and we hang out at all the so cal  shows and meets. Good peoples! If you ever come around seeing these guys, say hi. I’ve seen this car come around from the ground up and all the mods he has added were nothing but on point. The wheel choice, the fitment, the kit, interior accents, and so forth all come together very nicely. I know Matt still has a few tricks up his sleeve for this VIP build and I cant wait to see the future progress. Other than Hawaii, Matt has the only F50 Cima with a Mode Parfume GA-MU kit in the USA stateside. Props Matt!



Mod List

– Mode Parfume Phantom Ga-Mu Body Kit

– Mode Parfume Carbon Fiber Under Flap Kit

– Mode Parfume Prism Sink Fog Lights

– JDM Cima Grille (Kouki)

– WEDS Maverick 405s (Shining Bronze/Polish)


– Air Runner Suspension System

– Dakota Digital Quad Air Pressure Gauge

– Y33 Front Camber Plates

– Custom Rear Upper arms

– SPL Ti Z33 Rear Camber Kit


– Garson Luxury Neck Pads type Vega

– Garson Luxury Seat Belt Pads type Vega

– Garson Luxury Drink Holder type Vega

– Garson Luxury Keyless Emblem (Aurora)

– DAD Jewelry Starter Ring (Aurora)

Matt’s shoutouts:

Thanks to my family for not questioning my car obsession.  To my brother Marlon for always feeding the crew on mod days (which means every weekend ;P).  Much love to my StyleSixtyThree family for helping me with the build & making the journey that much more fun.   Huge shout out to Ojay & Hellaflush for recognizing my car’s potential even before it got to where it is.  Big thanks to the following for helping me along the way:  Ming at FizzAutoSports, BP VIP family, LiquidKiss, Import Fashion, AutoExplosion, Cool peeps at VIPStyleCars & AutoFashion.