Stance and comfort can be difficult to combine but Alex’s daily driver BMW 328i wagon achieve’s the two quite harmoniously. Alex, in his search for good fitment and comfort wanted to add one more dimension to the mix, handling. Believe me, I rode shotgun in this up a freeway on ramp and felt my brain slosh from one side to the other. This thing has got grip for days.

To achieve these three dimensions Alex needed a few things: Wheels, Suspension, and Tires.

Wagon Feature-13

Wagon Feature-9

For some fancy footwork, he came across a set of Advan TCIII’s off of an E46 M3. These lightweight wheels combined with Falken RT615k’s provide phenomenal grip.

Eibach E91 wagon-6

Specs are quite aggressive for this above average grocery getter, measuring in at 18×9.5 ET25 245/40/18 front and 18×10.5 ET25 275/35/18 rear

Wagon Feature-18

Eibach is a major market contender with a wide range of great product offerings. Eibach R2’s took up their residence in the wagon. They are 2-way adjustable coilovers with external reservoirs. 2-ways mean that there is a separate adjustment for the compression and rebound. This means you can dial in the setup perfectly and keep the ride smooth. Because the shocks are built to take a variety of springs Alex went with a custom set up 9K F/18K R for the wagon with Eibach swaybars to boot!

Eibach E91 Install-45

He was going to mount his front reservoir canisters to the BMW Performance strut bar but there was no room so he went a different route to keep the looks clean.

Eibach E91 Install-41

Wagon Feature-4

Front bumpers and side skirts are easy to come by for the wagon since the sedan parts swap over but the rear bumper is a little tricky. To keep it sporty yet cool, he went with the OEM BMW MTech rear bumper. For an added extra, Alex went with the 335i center bumper section that uses a custom axle back exhaust section to achieve a dual tip look. Everything was routed to retain all the underpanels.

The next time you are in San Jose, California and see a gray blur on your way out of the grocery store, it was probably Alex on a grocery getter hot lap!



Modification List:


– Eibach R2 Coilovers (2 ways)

– Eibach 500lb Front Springs

– Eibach 1000lb Rear Springs

– Eibach Helper Springs

– Eibach Front and Rear Helper Springs

– Ground Control Race Camber Plates

– BMW Performance Strut Bar


– Magnaflow Muffler

– Custom Routed Axel Back Exhaust


– Porterfield RS2 Front and Rear Pads

– Motul 600 Fluid


– M3 Rep Front Bumper

– M3 Side Skirts

– Mtech Rear Bumper

– Euro Clear Signal Headlights


– Advan TCIII 18×9.5 ET25 Front

– Advan TCIII 18×10.5 ET25 Rear

– Falken RT615K 245/40/18

– Falken RT615K 275/35/18

– Bullnose Stud Kit w/race nuts