Walker Wilkerson UPDATE: Thank you again everyone!


Still looking for: 2 tone maroon/brown astrovan CA plate number 5nys517. It fled the scene with about 5 of the theives in it. Cops have choppers in the air searching but Please keep an eye for it and if you see call 911 ASAP!
To my Amazing Racing/ Car Enthusiast Family,

As you know my car and trailer was stolen on Christmas Eve along with my blood, sweat, tears, career, and sacrifices I have made and put in to this car for my dream of being a Professional Formula Drift driver. The cops told me there was nothing I could do and my car was probably already in a container shipping overseas so Vanessa and I became our own detectives, heavily using social media, Craigslist, and forums with the help of our fans to recover the car, half of the parts that were stripped off the car, and the trailer, although the parts in the trailer are still unfound. Our intense investigation and searching all day and night, sleeping only 2 hours led to the closing of multiple chop shops, and the recovery of dozens of stolen cars, engines, parts, ect.

Our Christmas Eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas, and even now has been searching for this car and its parts. Vanessa and I have been so busy that we just opened our presents about a day ago. This has been one of the hardest things we’ve had to go through, yet the silver lining was seeing how amazing you all are in your support and we are happy we were able to help out other victims in the process. We wish we could have heard the voices of people who were also victims when the police called informing them their cars and parts were found. I’m sure it made their holiday and gave them some kind of closure on their stolen cars.

Although a lot of my parts are still missing, we were able to give the gift of safe recovery to the other stolen cars and parts found and return them to their rightful owners. I felt this in some way was our gift in giving back to our racing/ car enthusiast family. In the end the police did help us out and were thankful we gave them the lead in all of these busts. Thank you to 77th Parole Compliance Unit for your help as well as thank you to the fans and people who supported us in this tragedy. We’re still on the lookout for the rest of the missing parts. We appreciate everyone continuing this search with us ♥

Full Story in COMPLETE details will be posted TONIGHT onwww.walkerwilkerson.com


Parts that are still missing:

Items in Trailer:
-8 luminous yellow Rays GramLight 57D wheels 18×9.5 +12
-2 luminous pink Rays GramLight 57D wheels 18×9.5 +12
-55 gallon drum of Sunoco 110 octane race fuel
-Race Ramps part #RR-TR-7 74” long, 7” tall, 14” wide

Motor/Front End:
-FAST 102mm throttle body
-Chevrolet OEM LS7 Alternator
-OEM Nissan JDM Kouki s14 headlights both driver and passenger side. Passenger side plastic headlight bracket is cracked and JB welded together.
-Garage Autohero custom stainless steel tig welded upper radiator hose crossover pipe
-Koyo N-Flow SR20DET Radiator
-Blue HPS silicone radiator hoses
-Derale 16” black fan part #16516
-Derale 12” black pusher fan part #16925
-Trust/Greddy blue oil cooler
-Garage Autohero custom 4” aluminum intake pipe
-K&N 4” air filter with yellow filter sock
-Clutch master cylinder
-Sparco silver hood pins
-Seibon Carbon TR hood 97-98 Kouki s14
-Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator (red/black) part #- 13101
-Russel AN fittings on fuel pressure regulator -10 AN O-ring reducer to -8 AN (blue), -8 AN reducer to -6 AN O-ring (blue), -10 AN O-ring plug (blue)
-1.5ft of Russell -8 AN Proflex braided hose with grey silicone heat sleeve with Russell straight -8 AN to hose fitting blue/red and Russell 45 degree -8 AN to hose fitting black. This fuel line was attached to the fuel pressure reg.
-Stack fuel pressure sensor and Earls 90 degree AN fitting 1/8” NPT male and 1/8” NPT female (blue)
-Stack oil pressure sensor 1/8” NPT
-Garage Autohero custom aluminum radiator swirl pot with Griffin radiator cap and 3 blue Earls 1/8” npt nipple fittings coming out of the side. One 1/2” silver nipple fitting coming out of the bottom.

-Motec M4 ECU (gold) Serial #7670
-Stack ST8100 dash display digital/analog with data acquisition capabilities installed in oem s13 gauge cluster
-OMP Pista drivers seat with custom painted back: green/gold metal flake
-Buddy Club seat rails on driver seat
-Nardi 350mm deep corn steering wheel black leather w/red stitching
-Canton Racing 3Qt Accusump oil accumulator w/ pressure gauge and manual ball valve
-NRG Gold Gen 2.0 quick release
-Belle 1 communications radio helmet harness and push to talk button
-Red fire extinguisher
-Firesense SPA multi-flow AFFF steel mechanical fire suppression system
-Anodized red drift button
-Two Optima Red Top batteries
-S13 windshield wipers painted black with silver metalflake



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