This one’s for my nearest and dearest…
celebrating new beginnings as a Mrs.

To destiny, love…and happily ever after.

“To Have and to Hold”
by Eleanor Magallanes

When a soul finds its mate, it is described as an emotion beyond belief, that saying I love you seems contained,
too tamed to express the emotions we feel inside or can ever envision in our mind.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and a brief glance can evoke unfamiliar sensations that make the heart beat faster,
eyelashes flutter, and send tingles down to our toes.

A kiss with love breathes life into each other, inflames us with desire and leaves us breathless, nonetheless.

Time can seem too short when together or seem eternal when apart,
until the next time, their face, their hands, and their lips we can caress.

Like flowers in full bloom, birds chirping its happy tune and the sun rising and setting;
feeling love and being in love are God’s precious blessings.

Love is a statement that can be expressed in silence, shouted, or written
and followed by exclamations.

It can be felt in a hug, seen in a smile, sensed from afar; articulating love has no limitations.

Love speaks a universal language; beyond our skin color, native tongue, and religious belief.

Love is to conquer the challenges in its way so denying it is pointless,
making any reasoning illogical and the arguments of yesterday obsolete.

We explore through life hoping to find our one missing piece to our life puzzle since finding love is a quest sought after by all.

It is a treasure to seek and when found, to have and to hold, for at last, once two parted halves of a person becomes one complete soul.

I know when it’s you girl, you girl

Sunshine and the flowers, jealous of the power
Of you girl, you girl…

 More aloha, next episode…