One of the most awaited meets in Manila just happened last night, Offset Kings. When Mark gave me the go-signal to create a flyer and promote the event I made it sure to invite the very best in the scene. Here’s part 1 on what happened during Offset Kings, Manila Fitted style.


The parking lot in-front of the Turf Football Field has been home for Stance Pilipinas/Manila Fitted meets for 3 years now and I have never seen the lot this way before. It caused too much traffic that the security sent out wreckers and enforcers.


Apologies for several cars that parked on different lots due to space. Next time will be better.


And I am glad to take better photos this time! Hello there Natsuki.


This sick Galant debuted its new look. Full feature here: SIMPLICITY STRIKES 


Nicely done Legend from AMG 560.


Ian King known for Car Porn Racing  brought his infamous ‘Skyfiro’. More on this on part 2 of this post.


On going to talks for the big show/meet. Watch out for Offset Kings Manila!


Reception was very warm as Mark gave out Illest stickers to everyone. Thanks again to those who supported the meet.

Be right back with the full coverage.

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