There is a ritual for up and coming drifters in Brisbane every Thursday night. What is actually a humble go-kart track converts to a drift arena and is the proving ground for local talent. It is the absolute grassroots of drifting and that is why I just love it.

Many local pro drifters also get to Thursday practice so you get a real mix of talent, in a very supportive environment. No-one is pointing and laughing when you lock it up and take out the tyre wall, because they’ve been there before.

Most of the local top-level drivers honed their skills at Archy and it is a great little track that has the bonus of lighting so that drifting can continue into the night.

My favorite part is the mix of cars that you see from week to week, with many backyard mechanics showing their skills and a lot of DIY panel beating.

The nights are hosted by local workshop NizzPro who are heavily involved in the drift scene and are all about getting people into the sport.

As my first post here, I wanted to introduce one of the things that I enjoy most in the local motorsport scene and the best part is, it’s on again every week.