This feature originally was supposed to be just some snap shots for his own personal collection of photos, but I decided to feature it since the photos came out clean. Buena Park, CA resident Ryan Beladiata’s Lexus is not shy in front of the camera at all. In my opinion, when I was snapping away some photos for Ryan, I knew right away that his car would be a great piece to do a feature on. Wheel fitment? Check. Choice of wheels? Got it. Legit VIP aero? Hell yea. Execution of a VIP build? Hit it right on the head!

How’s this for your snap shots Ryan? A feature instead haha!



2006 Lexus GS300 (GRS190) BPVIP

Mod list:

Rear : Universal air suspension
Front: Airlift air suspension
Accuair E-level air management
Megan UCA front (-6.5 camber)
Drift speed custom fabricated rear arms (-9.5 camber)

Kicks: rebarrel Leon Hardiritt Waffe concave step lip 19×11.5 front 20×11.5 rear

Exterior: Aimgain Japan premium front lip and side skirts, Fabulous brand rear bumper fins and roof spoiler, Prussian blue front grille, tanabe medallion exhaust, puddle lights

Interior: junction produce curtains, neck pads, seat pad, kintsuna and fusa
VIP’d out front table. Vaistech audio


Words from Ryan Beladiata

Bought the car 2 years ago and told myself id leave it stock and here I am…just like every other car I’ve owned. Always dug the VIP scene since back when John started the VIP style cars forum. Loved the thought of modding a Japanese luxury car being that I felt like I graduated from the “other stuff”. Met the guys from BPVIP (bippu pride)and felt right at home since everyone shared the same passion for VIP style.

Props to Ojay from Hellaflush for the opportunity, the BPVIP Fam, Wheel design, my wife and 4 month old son Mason