A while back, I came across an interesting article stating that in twenty years, chocolate will become a rare delicacy. Considering America’s tendency to over-consume, this is hardly surprising. What WON’T be a rare delicacy in twenty years?? But just in case this is to happen, or you just love chocolate as much as I do, be sure to stop by K Chocolatier to stock up on your favorite array.

In all honesty, I try to avoid the spot as much as possible (for both my waistline and bank account’s sake), but with one of my best girlfriends heir to the Diane Kron empire, how can I not indulge every once in a while? Alex spoils me rotten with their bears, pecans, kranberries, pomegranates and truffles every time I see her.

I stopped by the shop before leaving for NYC to check out their latest and pick up some goodies for my flight. The little boutique (across the street from Sprinkles in Beverly Hills) is currently outfitted with spring decor galore and packing for father’s day treats. Absolutely adorable.

Of all the flavors I’ve sampled here, the K Pomegranates remain my absolute favorite! The flavor is such an unexpected turn from your usual chocolate covered fruit/nut – both sour and sweet and the perfect ratio of chocolate to fruit. These are a MUST every time I’m within a 3-mile radius of the place. Unfortunately I ate the entire bag before pictures could be taken… Go. Indulge. Tell Alex I sent you and thank me her later.