To give you an idea of much I wanted you to see the actual beauty that is White Sands National Monument, I spent 5ish hours CALIBRATING MY MACBOOK SCREEN. Let that process for a moment. I could’ve been slow roasting ribs. Or napping. Or flying across the ocean to some paradise island. Or anything better than CALIBRATING MY MACBOOK SCREEN! Half of you are in awe at my commitment and half of you are laughing at what a n00b I am for taking so long to do something that should take 15 minutes. But really, it’s ‘cuz I had no idea how to do it and watched a bajillion YouTube videos to ensure that I didn’t mess up. (I may have also watched an episode or two of Sons of Anarchy inbetween.) Heh.

In all honesty though, there’s not much that could do this place justice. It was by far my favorite pit stop on the cross-country roadtrip and one that I would visit again in a heartbeat. Every element was absolutely surreal. I wrote a more detailed account of it on my tumblr – the space reserved for ramblings that few readers are actually inclined to indulge me with – in case you’re curious. Being stuck in bed the last few days devouring Wild & Into Thin Air got me inspired to write more and tweet less. For the rest of you, here are some pictures:





Ji! We packed lunch! That’s not snow, you can’t eat it!!