It’s been 12 years since the death of Oakland’s #1 son, internationally known graffiti artist and Bay Area legend Mike DREAM Francisco.  And every year, on the very day he was tragically taken from us and what is also officially known and proclaimed by Oakland as DREAM DAY, the community gathers to celebrate his life and unending legacy.  Children and their parents, beginner and seasoned graff artists, DJs, musicians, b-boys, b-girls, artists, friends, family, loved ones and fans…all come together, to pay tribute to Oakland’s beloved graffiti King Mike “DREAM” Francisco.   Recognized worldwide as a style master, Dream’s graffiti established the visual aesthetic of Oakland’s Hip Hop culture, and put The Town on the map in what is now the fastest growing art movement in human history.

All proceeds from the event benefit the Dream Book Fund & the Dream Legacy Fund for his son Akil Francisco, Dream’s only child, now 12 years old.

If you were unable to attend and wish to support, please make checks out to The Dream Legacy Fund, or Akil Francisco.

Checks can be mailed to:
Irene Francisco-Ancheta
427 Central Ave.
Alameda, CA 94501

Pics below are from DREAM DAY 12 held at the Oakland Metro Operahouse on February 16, 2012.

A gift of thanks to Lil’ John from MaryJane. Handmade by AGANA.

AGANA, Lil’ John and MaryJane

To get your own custom jewelry, holla at our girl AGANA here.

Special shouts to Willie Maze and the rest of the TDK family for making this event happen year after year.  MUCH RESPECT!    

Also, check out the Legacy: The Art of Mike “DREAM” Francisco exhibit, which honors the life of the artist and writer Mike “DREAM” Francisco who pioneered the art form of “graffiti” on the West Coast. The exhibition runs from January 14, 2012 to April 14, 2012 at the historic International Hotel in San Francisco. For more info about DREAM and the exhibit click here.

Rest in Power KING DREAM.
(Sunrise) August 15, 1969 – (Sunset) February 17, 2000