This past Saturday some of the Bay Area’s best DJs and artists gathered to pay tribute to Oakland’s
beloved Graffiti King and Bay Area legend, Mike “DREAM” Francisco. Recognized worldwide as a style master,
Dream’s graffiti established the visual aesthetic of Oakland’s Hip Hop culture and put The Town
on the map of what is now the fastest growing art movement in human history.

The TDK Family has shifted the focus from the tremendous loss to the time of his birth,
and the even greater impact of Dream’s contribution to the community of Oakland and the world of Writing (also known as graffiti).
All proceeds benefit the Dream Book Fund & the Dream Legacy Fund for his son Akil Francisco, now 14 years old.

This year DREAM DAY 2014 was a yard party honoring the life and legacy of Mike “Dream” Francisco,
with the TDK Crew & Fam painting the Greenpeace (yes, THAT Greenpeace) walls LIVE.

With DJs:
DJ Fuze (Digital Underground)
MykeOne (Almighty DJs)
SakeOne ((((Local1200)))
Max Kane (4OneFunk)
DuloDulo (Scratch Fight)

And live performances by:
Richie Rich (rapper)
Equipto of Solidarity Records
Dregs One & Patience (Zulu Nation)
Turf Nation


Much love and respect to Marty and the entire TDK crew and family
for putting together such a beautiful event, this year and every year.
As pics
below show, Dream’s light was truly shining.

Rest in Paint
Mike “DREAM” Francisco
(Sunrise) August 15, 1969 – (Sunset) February 17, 2000