Last March 5 I was invited to join the Fresh Produce meet at Grams Fort. The meet was organized to have a short chat with James Camarador aka “Floss Design” regarding wheel rebuilding. As expected the turnout was great as friends from the industry attended the late night meet. Enjoy the photos.

John’s Civic on CCW’s, expect a detailed feature on this build soon.

Big guns from the Evo boys.

The boys from “Drive Hard Crew” also attended the meet.

For better photos I asked permission from Alec Mendez of 2DKomplex to publish his shots on this site. Check it out.

One of my favorites during the meet, the Quickstart Performance Evo.

Voltex this, Voltex that.

Iori and Mark from Ozawa JDM attended the meet. Never a dull moment with these guys.

That horse.


Jeiven and Graz from Sushi Factory also attended the meet with “Natsuki”.

Again, thank you Alec for letting me use some of your photos. Check out his page:

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