Oakland is quickly becoming (dare I say) THE mecca of artists. And on the first Friday eve of each month galleries, bars, coffee shops, cafes, canni clubs…you name it…in the Uptown area open their doors to show the hearts and souls of these creative individuals. Folks from all backgrounds come together as a community to roam the streets of this forbidden city to absorb and experience the Town’s culture. And I’m not just talking adults…ALL AGES.  It’s a beautiful thing when kids, teens and adults together can enjoy all that this amazing (and underestimated) city has to offer.  

I recently checked out a girly urban art party in the Town called Femme Cartel with nothin but female artists showing their wares. These ladies are passionate, talented and fearless.  Check the pics out below.      

Kimlynh (on the left)

Maria Fatima Urbi

The Few and Far family.  

This coming Friday is yet another first Friday of the month aka Oakland Art Murmur.  If you haven’t yet definitely come see what I’m talking about.  You’ll be glad you did.   Oh and come say hi.  Me and my crew will be here.    

Till the next episode…