If you know me, you know that I like simple. In most cases I’m a firm believer that less is more and quality over quantity is the best policy. With that said, meet Connor Surdi, a good friend of mine, LowerClassMen family and resident photographer extraordinaire. Just a few months ago he sold his WRX and picked up a bone stock 1997 Pearl White Lexus SC300 dubbed ‘Haku’. Wasting no time he immediately picked up a few essential parts and was well on his way. I’ve always enjoyed the Soarer/SC chassis as it’s the perfect balance between a VIP and drift car, you can get sideways at the track during the day and then cruise the city at night with a lady friend. Best of both worlds.

Photography by Connor Surdi exclusively for Hellaflush.com.

Front has been fitted with a Fujin lip to even out the body lines and bring it a little closer to the ground.

Bodywork by Drew at 425 Auto Body and a set of Powered By Max coilovers allow the rolled and pulled fenders to sit nicely just a few mm’s above the 4″ lips.

48 hours of hand polishing, blood, sweat and tears later … full polished Wald Duchatelet lips and faces, 19×10.5 +17 w/ 235/35’s in the front and 19×11.5 +17 w/ 265/30’s in the rear.

…and what’s a HF feature without some rolling shots?


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