“I wanted to stray away from the average SC builds” says Freddie Williams, owner of this 95 Lexus SC300.. Being influenced by the original Hellaflush scene, Freddie decided to go by his own rules by building a Z30 which pays tribute to the California car scene 10 years ago. At a time when builds were a bit simple-yet-striking, he remembers visiting the HF shows in Santa Monica every year to see his favorite flushed-out rides. Today, Freddie takes on the full Hellaflush spotlight in a drop dead photo set by Mark Enriquez.

Freddie continues to collect Fatlace/ Hellaflush stickers by keeping some in his vault together with old sticker-bombed laptops. A true believer of the lifestyle, his goal was to have the SC sit and drive as low as possible. For 2020, the main feel and look is highlighted through a set of Volk Rays Payton Place wheels rebuilt by VR Wheels.

A lot of work was done for the Lexus to achieve its ideal fitment and suspension set up. This includes camber, toe and traction arms from Megan Racing. In addition, a full airbag + Megan Racing coilover was built for the car. He then found his sweet spot by tucking all fours into a full metal custom fender flare set up.

I personally believe that his execution of metal flares, wheel choice and fitment is a good formula for his car to stand out during shows and meets.

Another contrasting touch is his Auto Power Half Cage powder coated in yellow. As most of the first-gen SCs were released with a tan interior, Freddie swapped it in for an all black set.

Here are some photos for your wallpaper needs.

A true testament showing that going back to your roots will someday pay off. Mad props for keeping the style alive…

Hope you enjoyed this post. Words: kevcarlos // photos: sh0twell // build: snkrwiz


95 Lexus SC300


Full Auto Couture body kit

Vintage Payton Place wheels by Volk Rays

Fully rebuilt by VR Wheels 18 x 11 and 18 x 11.5


Megan camber, toe and traction arms

UAS airbags + Megan Coilover

Auto Power Half Cage roll cage powder coated in  yellow

Airlift 3P Management

TRD front and rear sway bars

Central Pine raised and shortened subframe

Central Pine front tubed fenders and wire harness relocation

Tn Auto Inspired  Custom rear metal fender work


Fully swapped black interior with reupholstered seats

Massage seats driver and passenger by TN Auto Inspired

NRG short hub and quick release

Nardi Deep Corn Wood Grain steering wheel

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