When I dove into the VIP scene a couple years back I made a bunch of friends and John Suh is one of the first. Representing BP VIP in Southern Cali, John Suh has put together a very fine example of how traditional VIP is portrayed in the land of the rising sun, Japan.

Now I know that some of you are aware that VIP in Japan is now becoming more and more aggressive in their wheel fitments, not to mention their fashion with camber. Is oni camber (demon camber) functional? Nope. Do the tires last longer than 3000 miles? Not at all. But is it cool to look at? Hell yea. In my opinion I find VIP to be a very perfect fitting in the Hellaflush blog therefore i favor it most of the time.

John’s Lexus is outfitted in a full Junction Produce fashion: Aero, hood bonnet, interior accessories like a front sake table, as well the infamous tsuna and kintuna knots that alot of VIP enthusiasts wear on their rear view mirror…. more like the sign of showing VIP fashion. Side note: I just learned from John that this Junction Produce kit used to be owned by Freddie Fernandez of AutoFashion on his LS430 a few years back. Another thing about the VIP community that its an intimate group where almost everyone knows each other. Happy Birthday Freddie!

Ok back on track now…. BP VIP is one of so cal’s premier VIP ONLY clubs and John is the co founder and leader. Be sure to keep a look out for them at most major meets and shows. Definitely a group of cars to view in person.






Exterior:Junction Produce body kit, hood mascot, rear and roof spoiler, puddle lights, updated tail lights

Interior:  Junction Produce table, fusa, kitsuna, neck pads, seat cushions, curtains and Garson shift knob

Suspension:Universal Air System, Accuair E-level air management, Rear – Battle Version fabricated traction arm and modifications to make my wheels fit (-13 lol), Megan Toe and Camber arms.
Wheels: Weds  Kranze Borphes Front:  20×10, Rear:  20×11

Shouts to my girl Kathy for putting up with my obsession,  BP VIP family and friends for always holding it down and supporting, homies @ Autofashion, Battle Version, PG Motoring, 714 Tires, Ross and Hellaflush & Ojay for this opportunity.   -John Suh