Jon Do’s first ever car experience was Import Expo and after that… he was hooked. He first had a RSX and after an unfortunate incident of totaling it, he got his AP2 last December.

He left no time wasted and started to mod it instantly. To complement his Laguna Blue Pearl paint, he decided to go with the CCW classic brushed bright clear wheels along with the subtle project kicks R40 neochrome lug nuts. Dropped on BC racing coilovers paired with downforce carbon side diffusers and a voltex rear diffuser, he loves style but still believes in function. His car is very simple and can be appreciated by all car enthusiasts. He’s still young and in college but that doesn’t stop him from something he loves. He funds his modifications by detailing on the side as well as getting some amazing support from his mom. He considers himself very lucky and is very thankful for being able to keep up with his passion. Recently he just purchased a turbo and plans on throwing that on very soon.

Jon’s always been a speed fiend even though he’s never really had something that could fulfill his needs. Even with his RSX, he boosted it and aimed on trying to be the fasted RSX in Houston. With the S2000, he aimed for it to just be a daily driver as well as a fun weekend car. He frequents the track and loves to run against anyone willing to give him a chance. His dream is to get a corvette in the near future so we’ll hopefully see something just as amazing.


– Harrison

Instagram/Twitter: @bigharrywang