To most Bay grown folks it’s normal to have never done or been to any of the infamous SF Bay Area tourist spots – aka the cable car (still to this day have not rode one) and of course Alcatraz (went for the very first time just last year, after 30+ years of living here).  But I guarantee that in the back of all of our local minds when it comes to these tourist traps is “someday I will”. 

And as a born and raised Bay native, I still to this day manage to discover places I’ve never been to before.  With its bottomless well of inspiration, no wonder so many creative minds come out of here.  And I was reminded over the weekend exactly why.  I finally managed to see Muir Woods, a National Monument located in Marin County, famous for its redwood trees.  Majestic and wise, these ancient trees are beyond what words can describe.  Their noble splendor and quiet magnificence, the deep roots and whispers of wisdomI found myself absorbed in every serene momentHer humbling beauty forced me to be at peace…and this is not an easy feat, trust.  After all…these 600-800 year old trees (with the oldest tree at 1,200 years old) have witnessed incredible things and will do so for many more lifetimes, beyond what’s imaginable and much more than what’s humanly possible. 

Just ask George Lucas, who was moved the same way, then filmed Star Wars: Return of the Jedi here.  And although this was one of my many “someday I wills”, it can now be checked off as “one of your musts”.

Christine = 9 letters = pager code 999

This must be a boy tree…

…a big boy.

Let’s take a long walk
around the park…


P.S. How we do at my house…red and gold for life!  GO 9ERS!!!

 Till the next episode…