Style63’s Kevin Cubillo’s Infiniti started off just like every other enthusiast does… your platform of build originally was meant to be your daily driver until something inspired you to modify it. After searching around Japanese blogs, and forums  based on VIP styling, it was not long before Kevin started to add styling to his ride.

In Kevin’s case of building this VIP project, less is more. From his subtle interior accents, exterior additions like his color matched window visors, to his suspension parts… everything was kept at a minumum so far but not lacking in the quality. This is the first time I’ve seen a set of matte bronze and black set of wheels on a VIP car stateside, thats what drew me in so easily. I know Kevin has more in mind for his car, especially for the upcoming shows this Summer. Stay tuned for them as this is just the beginning for this Infiniti, not to mention Style63 is making a great impression as one of so cal’s acknowledged car crews.



Very rare GT front bumper with add on OEM JDM lip. Less than a handful of people in the US have this setup

Upskirt shot of his front quarter. These rollers just look so ill!

The Style63 fam plus Jim Lee from Liberty VIP chillen in the shade during the photo op….

The thing that stands out the most are the Work Gnosis wheels in matte bronze and black face. So different in a nice way.

– Cima Y33 GT bumper
– Cima Y33 GT front grill custom painted silver
– Cima Y33 headlights
– Cima Y33 hood badge
– JDM fender marker
– window visors painted to match the car
– DAD crystal accent for front door keyhole

– Junction produce pillows
– Junction produce fusa
(nothing major LOL just keeping it clean)

– S14 rear upper camber arm custom painted yellow
– S14 rear toe arm custom painted yellow
– Universal Air Suspension

– Work Gnosis (anodized bronze barrel with matte black face)
Front: 20×9.5 (-10)
Rears: 20×10.5 (-5)

Words from Kevin:

Would like to thank my wife Danica and my lil baby Shawn for letting me work on my car even on a tight schedule sometime [:)] and of course to my style63 family for all the help and motivation I get from you guys specially from Monard, Matt and my brother James. And thanks Hellaflush & Ojay for the appreciation of my build.