And so it begins…
the season of balance.

And on the last day of summer, I took a quick trip to the city,
crossing the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge for the very first time.  And whaddya know.
How ironic that it would storm on that very day.
What’s even more ironic, that it would be blue skies on the way home.

And there you have it, a fitting start…
to MY favorite season.

Nordstrom CafeCrab BisqueBlue Cheese & Pear SaladPappardelle Pasta with Braised BeefBlueberry Lavender Martini & Strawberry FieldsMels Drive-In

We(a)k 3
and a big WTF.
Colts @ Niners
and we’re now 1-2.
Get it together team!!!

Till the next episode…

My besties from the 808 are coming to town!