This car was posted on the HellaFlush Facebook a while back and a lot of people just put it down. Some called it stock and some called it too simple. I guess most of those people don’t understand what the Volkswagen scene is about. Its about being clean and low. Matt has been building VWs since the 90’s, but we can consider Matt Crooke’s initiation into the VW scene back in 2001 when he joined the forum, vwvortex. That’s more then a decade of non-stop Euro scene action. Matt has influenced the Euro scene in many ways and still influences it today. His biggest contribution was partnering up and starting fifteen52.

Here’s Matt’s wagon after Slammed Society Long Beach.

A lot of people always ask, “Why a wagon?” So that’s exactly what I asked Matt at the show, and he replied, “I needed a car that was versatile, but still fun to drive everyday. The wagon has been great for the shop and has been very reliable for as long as I’ve had it.”

As for the people that said the body looks stock here is a little info on whats been done to the exterior.

-Shaved front bumper indicators
-Shaved fender markers
-Shaved rear emblem
-Shaved hood emblem notch
-Shaved roof rails and antenna
-Full Candy White respray
-Bonrath Badgeless Grill
-European 4-Motion front lip
-Shorty Rear Bumper with Colormatched TDI rear valance
-Wiper removed and plug installed
-Chrome mirror caps
-Custom Retrofit Bora Xenon headlights

Since this is Matt’s shop car, bags were an obvious choice. Using the wagon to carry items, its easy to adjust the ride height using the Air Lift autopilot system. This ensures that Matt can traverse the streets and freeways of Los Angeles looking like a boss, no matter what the cargo.

-Air Lift Slam XL front struts
-Air Lift Rear Bags
-Weitec XS Rear sport Shocks
-Air Lift Auto Pilot Digital Management System
-380c Compressor
-3 Gallon Shorty Tank
-1/4″ lines

The wheels on the wagon are Fifteen52 Tarmacs. The same wheels that Ken Block rocks in Gymkhana 4.

-18×8.5 fifteen52 polished Tarmac Wheels
-15mm Adaptec Speedware Spacers all around
-Toyo Extenza HP Tires 215/35-18

I know a lot of people are against bags. Most people think that Matt’s car only looks good parked. Well, you could not be farther from the truth. Here’s a shot of Matt driving away. No, this is not just parking lot pimping; this is a way of life.

Since he already finished packing his whole booth into his car when we started taking photos, I could not get a interior shot, but here is a list.

-GLI Recaro front and rear seats retrimmed in red leather by JJ Customer Interior
-GLI Brushed Aluminum trim
-GLI Black headliner accessories
-Black Microsuede headliner and pillars by JJ Customer Interior
-Custom fifteen52 floormats by JustMatz in the UK
-Rieger illuminated Shift knob/boot
-Momo Club Sport II Steering wheel with Momo hub
-Audi TT Pedals/Dead Pedal
-Euro Lightswitch
-Custom fifteen52 Gauge faces
-Custom brushed aluminum gauge rings

– Alex Bucur