When I met with Mark and became a Managing Editor for Fatlace, I already knew the tasks at hand. I had to 1) get you off Instagram and back to blogs and 2) diversify our readership. I’m gonna focus on the second one here, and introduce you to Fatlace’s newest blogger, Glenn.

I’ve known Glenn for a long time. Back when my career started to steer in the music direction, I often looked to him for help. By trade, he’s a sound engineer with a resume that includes Dom Kennedy, Chuck Inglish, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, etc etc. By passion, he’s a writer. But I didn’t know that last part until recently.

One night he text asking to pick my brain about an idea he had. He wanted to hone in on those writing skills with a site that combined his experience in the music industry and his hobby of exploring Los Angeles city. We dialogued, went over the things he needed to do, thought about strategy, and then the light bulb above my head went on. Glenn could help in diversifying our readership. It just made sense.

So if you’re into the music, photography and sports culture, he’s your dude. And this is your blog. Keep up with Glenn HERE.