There are quite a few reasons why I’ve been neglecting this blog like an irresponsible pre-adolescent neglects a pet she’s not ready for, but I’ll save you all the excuses and rambling. For an quick, up to the minute glance into my life, Twitter is where it’s at. Otherwise, I’ll be recapping the last few months as best I can, starting with a quick road trip through Washington D.C back in… February?

The subarctic temperatures, snow and snotsicles feel like like a lifetime ago, but these images bring back those shivers as if it were yesterday. After 4 years in the sunny city of angels, seasonal change is going to be rough. Just look at those gloomy gray, cloudless skies! How depressing.

We didn’t have too much time, so we took a stroll from the Washington Monument to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Neil insisted it was right there but guess what? It’s not. It’s far. I’m sure the walk would’ve been lovely had 1) it been warm, and 2) the reflecting pool filled, but neither were the case, and I reminded him of it the whole way there and back. What are girlfriends for, right? 🙂

Empty reflecting pool, but still glorious and beautiful in it’s own right. I must admit that as much as I love architecture and design, monuments hardly resonate with me the way natural beauty does. There is something much more awe-inspiring about the force of mother nature than the force of the dollar.