The balance between work and play becomes blurrier the deeper I get into 7AM starts and 13hour days. The day old saying “love what you do and you never have to work a day in your life” resonates every day, but still… it’s always nice to escape conference calls and time-sensitive emails. Dug through some old photos that made me seriously miss West Coast life; nothing like being just a hop, skip and 5hr flight from paradise.

Not to mention… since the bf and I have also recently jumped on the Paleo bandwagon, what I really miss is pigging out like fat kids on the verge of getting lapband – without a care in the world. On our annual trip to Hawaii back in May, we stayed at the Edition Hotel in Waikiki. Besides being absolutely adorable with its in-room ukeleles and sarongs, it’s also home to the newly opened Morimoto Restaurant in Waikiki.

99% sure I was a sloth in my past life. Eat + sleep + repeat. UTTER BLISS.

Since seeing Morimoto Waikiki featured in an issue of Sky Miles magazine, I’ve been absolutely dying to go. Finding out that it was the in-house restaurant was like finding out Santa DID exist… and that he cooked amazing contemporary Japanese food! I somehow convinced Neil to eat half all of our meals this trip without even venturing past the second floor of our hotel. Persuasion (or laziness?) at it’s best. Honestly, this restaurant alone is my sole reason for wanting to stay at The Edition every time we’re back in Oahu; not exactly the best idea for our ever-growing food babies or ever-diminishing bank accounts, but sure to render me the happiest sloth post-ice age.

Morimoto’s famous toro tartare that we first saw on ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate.’ There’s also a hamachi version that I actually like a lot better, but both are incredible. It was only at the end of our second order that we figured out how to ‘properly’ eat it, haha. Awkward and boujie don’t mix well.

I literally have reoccurring fantasies about Morimoto’s uni. The only time I’ve encountered something even remotely similar (and it was not nearly as good) was at Sushi Zo in Los Angeles. This. Is. What. Dreams. Are. Made. Of. Completely worth the trip in and of itself. I’m no food critic or sushi connoisseur  by any means… all I know is that there was a minor orgasm with every bite. If I’m ever unable to articulate what I’d like for my final meal… someone just shove this in my mouth. I’ll die happy.

The Morimoto Lobster Melt is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s undeniably delicious. Hearty chunks of lobster with miso mayo and swiss cheese on perfectly buttered bread and crisp to perfection. What’s worse than biting into a toasted sandwich only to have the bread cut the roof of your mouth?! Exactly. I’ve had Luke’s since moving to NY and it doesn’t touch this bad boy… especially for the price. Not even a huge fan of wasabi, but the wasabi fries were too creative to pass up.

Morimoto special mini burgers. I don’t know about you but I’ve drooled all over my keyboard and am finding it increasingly hard to type a description. All there is to know is: go and indulge in a six-course luncheon yourself at Morimoto Restaurant Waikiki. While you’re there, why not eight? We all have an inner sloth.

I still can’t keep up with the New York mentality of “work hard, play harder,” but “work hard, eat better?” Absolutely. If you have suggestions for the city’s best uni that will take me back to the shores of Waikiki, holla atcha gurl! Pinky promise not all posts will be so gluttonous in the future 😉