Springfest by Sebastian Marin - Fatlace (69)

Springfest by Sumospeed has served as a great season opener for many car enthusiast every year. The event has been held at the same outdoor space for the past several years until this year. Organizers made a big move and held the event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, splitting the show between indoor and outdoor stages.

The modern inspired architecture of the convention center created a unique atmosphere indoors; while the amazing spring weather made hanging out outside a pleasant experience.

Over the past five years, the show has developed into a must go for many and has attracted more vendors and enthusiasts alike but unfortunately the roads seem to not have kept up with the constant inflow of traffic to VA beach every season. The roads are some of the worst I have ever driven on, and though they seem to have been patched up, they are still horrible.

While walking around both outside and inside venues, and speaking to many spectators and owners, there seemed to be a topic of conversation trending through the show. The constant growth of the show, combined with the lack of a selection criteria and massive popularity has in both ways made the show better and worse. Summarizing what many said to be a “quantity over quality” debate, I can say that the event has evolved to be a much more welcoming affair for many and serves as an example of openness that many other shows aren’t following. On the contrary, one could argue the opposite – but for the sake of keeping Springfest an open to everyone event, I can say that we should all lay back and enjoy the party. After all, there are many other shows that do select the cream of the crop and show case these elites on a pedestal every season.

Please enjoy the rest of the coverage, and I look forward to bringing you more images from the EAST!
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