The 50th. Katipunan, Quezon City.

Founded in 2009, Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted, a community of several Filipino enthusiasts at the Hellaflush forums  materialized a meet late in 2011.  Since then, gatherings have been held mostly in Bonifacio Global City to give way to the attendees from the Northern and Southern part of Metro Manila.  With more than 12 different locations over the past 7 years, a meet for the North hasn’t been delivered – until now.

Enjoy this brief recap of “Stance Fifty“.

To freshen things a bit for its 50th meet, the event had to be held inside a controlled parking lot. Keep in mind that choosing the location has been the most challenging part in “organizing” these meets (a. Are photos allowed? b. Can slammed cars enter with ease? c. Can we basically fit? ). With meets being held during Sundays, parking lots at the Northern part of Metro Manila has always been notorious for foot traffic and multi-level steep ramps.

A few months ago a new lifestyle destination was constructed at Katipunan, Quezon City known as “The Pop-Up”. With help from friends from the “Legends of the 90s”, we secured the venue in no time.

Since the venue was kicking off its weekly Sunday Market, The Pop-Up could only guarantee one side of the lot. An 80-slot parking space was pre-reserved for us.

To polish things out, the parking slots was slightly organized by genre or by vehicle style.

Here’s a rare instance of having 4-generations of Nissan’s legendary R-Chassis at a meet.

With meets being a portal to debut projects, Mikko Buendia brought his RC-F in “almost” final form. Learn more about the car here: Street 63 feature

Speaking of projects, a special car that holds a special place in my heart debuted during the meet – this GT-R. Closely built at Car Porn Racing, this R35 closely embodies my personal take on the R- Chassis (built engine, wide, low, dish wheels, diffuser, ducktail). More on this in a separate feature.

Possibly Manila’s most photographed Supra was at the meet with new Work Meisters.

Did I mention well photographed builds?

Classical Works’ L300 van debuted wearing Work Emitz wheels. Car was so low.

 Over the past few years, meets has also catered to a variety of “functional builds”. Please take note that these are these are very much welcome.

To cap things off, the boys from DMF Drift brought Iron Man (!) to surprise a good friend, Patrick.

Looking back at several key meets, Stance Fifty has to be one of the most challenging ones. One huge worry for me was the intermittent weather, thank God it did not rain that day.. The total count for the meet was more than 160 cars into 80 slots. Expect 2 – 3 meets as we close out the year. Whether you’re camping for a weekend or prepping for the apocalypse, you’ll want the best survival gear to keep you safe. Here’s what to include in any bug-out bag. Best Survival Gear at Rotorm – Survival gear these days takes on myriad forms both high tech and decidedly low tech but all the best survival gear has one thing in common: it’s incredibly practical. In this review guide we’re going to shine a light on 21 essential pieces of survival gear everyone should seriously consider having in their survival pack.

Thank you for your patience during the meet and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here’s a quick message I posted on Instagram: fifTY 

‘Til the next.


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