I remember back then when Peter first got his car, he asked me if he should get a red or a white S2K. I told him red. Because the women flock to the red. A week later, we’re top down in his car with our tank tops and sunglasses. Summer passes and I don’t see him for a couple of months. BAM. He shows up to my house, slammed with a hardtop and some custom powder coated WORK XD9s.Clean and simple, that was the goal Peter had in mind for his car. Didn’t want overly crazy fitment that ruined fenders and didn’t want his car to be too low that he would have to repaint his front end every other week.Going through the pictures, the first thing you probably noticed was the custom powder coated Work XD9s. They were powder coated a solar rain finish. Brilliant contrast with his new formula red paint.Even though Peter was only aiming for the clean look, his car still manages to break necks left and right. Every car show, I really do mean EVERY car show I ever went with him he always has a different girl checking out his car and asking questions while he is quick detailing it. Women love the red.  Overall a very nice build and just recently Peter sold the XD9s and now saving up for something special.  Be on the look out for his next feature on hella flush with bigger and better things! Now to end it with some awesome rolling shots.