The wrongfitmentcrew put together a Member’s only meet to round out the end of 2010. The idea was to cut down on the randoms that normally show up, and just get the core group of member’s together for fun at the beach. We typically use the same spot at the Hellaflush Venice Beach meet because I live in the area and put both the Hellaflush and WFC meets together for that location. This year a huge marathon was taking place on the same day, and we all thought we were screwed. Luckily I know the area and remembered that the huge lot beside of the Santa Monica pier sits empty 75% of the day. A short drive and the party was on! For those that were there you’ll remember how awesome the Ghetto raffle was. You didn’t know if you were going to get something cool or a box of Mac N’ Cheese or the likes. Here’s a few photos coming from my friends Julian and Bobby. We’ll hopefully have a video to post soon from some of the other crew. People came in from a thousand miles away plus… so the pics and videos are still coming along.

more photos here – End of 2010 WFC