***WARNING***Do not scroll down if you are hungry!
So now that you’ve been warned…

When it comes to food I don’t play.
But living in the Bay automatically does that to you.
Foodie or not the abundance of culinary culture puts Bay Area palates in a league that can’t compare.
And I’m not just talking choices.  I’m talking CHOICE.
From $ to $$$, quality is THE authority.
But you Bay Areans already knew that.

Just a few spots I’ve been to in the past couple weeks, ha!

Bowl’dBanchanSpicy Beef StewSpicy Korean Noodle SoupSol FoodBistec Encebollado“We goin Sizzler….we goin Sizzler…”Yes.  Even Sizzler gets props on here.
So food snobs get to steppin’ ha!
Did you know this chain isn’t everywhere???  I didn’t!

Endless Salad Bar…always a must.
But no more chicken wangs dangnabit! They finally reali$ed!
The infamous cheese toast (which you now have to ask for FYI).
And steak and lobster!

King ValleyWon Ton SoupMongolian BeefRoast DuckMango PuddingTrue dat.

Which brings me to we(a)k 2…
Niners @ Seahawks
bringing us to 1-1.
Frustration was the name of the game argh!
We’ll get you Sea#!@ks at home!
But rain or shine
I don’t need a fortune to tell me…
I stay loyal to my family.

Bang bang…

Till the next episode…