Ever followed a car icon that much? I first saw Nakai-San’s creation back in 2008 when I first laid my eyes on RWB Advantage and a wide-body-matte-black S15. Being a huge Porsche and Silvia fan, their aggressive looks immediately called my attention. After that instance, I became hungry on any information about RAUH-Welt. Also, after seeing a video by 0-60 with Stella Artois blasting in a small Japanese side-street, I said to myself that someday, I will visit Akira Nakai at his Chiba Headquarters. Fast forward to July 13, 2015, the huge RWB fan is finally in town to witness what he has always dreamt about… On to the photos.


My first encounter with his work was back in 2013 when I saw RWB Painkiller in Thailand. Later that year, Nakai-San was in town for The Birth of Rauh Welt Manila, it was a huge moment for me to see him work his magic while taking photos for my first entry on this blog.


Located at the Chiba Prefecture, the HQ was in a family-oriented town. Never in a gaijin’s imagination he would expect to find the iconic shop with a dozen race-ready-wide-boddied 911s at a small street.


Built Rough World Porsches were parked outside along with several 911s.


I had laid my eyes on RWB Rotana – Nakai-San’s 575hp track-tuned-Turbo build Look closely at the stickers and you’ll see how his fascination for airline decals, Fashion TV too!


The Japango Fort Lauderdale sticker caught my attention, it is one of Nakai’s favorite sushi bars in the U.S.

Back to Rotana…  On photos, I felt that the new ‘triple-tier RWB’ wing was too wild but seeing it in person was whole new different level. It actually looks good as it compliments the whole feel of the car. Could this be the wildest RWB to date?


A naked 993 going for another facelift. I wonder what it looks now?


One of the ‘OG’ RWB builds was also outside, A 964 with the ‘smooth fender’ treatment. This car is built before the global expansion of RWB – I remember hearing that the Nakai-San chooses the car’s color as he also names the car by himself based on the significance of the build with the owner.


With the unending debate regarding the movement, the actual owner of this car can be a Porsche purist judging from the original license plate.


Nicely done 964 cabriolet was installed with the wider “Royal Fenders” option.


It’s ‘conservative’ style looks like a good cruiser around Tokyo. Well it is, Nakai-San lent this 964 to RWB Manila’s main-man, Ian King. Video: RWB night in Tokyo


With my last chat with Nakai-San early this year, I remember his brief introduction on his 10 (!) personal RWB builds. Some cars are built for his customers to enjoy when they are in Japan, RWB Ramintra is one of them – a track focused 993 built for Idlers Racing.


The flags represent his growing RWB family all around the world, countries he has built a car in. Another notable decal I saw was the SkyTeam Airline Alliance vinyl.


If I have a chance to build a RWB Porsche, this would be my kit (plus smooth fenders).


At that time, RWB Valkyrie’s new wing was about to be installed.


Mark and Nakai was chatting about new builds in America while the Fatlace crew was checking out everything.


RWB Charlene marks the 23rd RWB Porsche I have seen in person (yes it’s logged), too bad that this was my only photo.


18 x 13.5 RWB X Work Meisters!


Nakai-San quickly hanged a new Illest banner.


The in-house painter of RWB, Nojima Yusuke was at the shop wearing a shirt from the Manila group (Car Porn Racing).


We stayed at the shop for an hour and a half, but you would need to spend more than a day to internalize everything. From the naked parts…


Nakai-San collects everything, from paintings, bottles of beer, and old photos.


Rarely seen during RWB shop tours are these nostalgic Russian dolls and Japanese beads. Displayed beside his tool set, these adds a different dimension to all the mechanical displays.


A billiard table can be found which has a pile of Fatlace stickers and RWB goodies. Spot RWB Valkyrie’s wing garnish?


We all know that Stella Artois is his favorite beer. But currently, the car named after it is at Promodet for engine tuning.


A photo collection of cars he has built, driven around different tracks in Japan can also be seen at one of the walls.


One photo with a story.Mark’s Pandora One V2 was immortalized through this Illest skate deck.

Spot the (Russian hat) Ushanka? Nakai-San loves anything Russian, later that trip I found out that Mark and Nakai named ‘P1’ after their favorite Russian radio station.


Gifts from his friends in the car community are displayed all over the place. Nakai is also a huge fan of Hard Rock Cafe.


But this has to be the most awesome thing at the HQ!


Hello to the well-known retro neon RWB signage!


Being a frequent guest whenever he is in town for a build, I showed Nakai-San my current R34 project. We had a quick chat on my future plans for the body. I was overwhelmed when he personally approved my car to run the RWB signature banner! I distinctly remember that there were different colors available at that time.  As it was a huge honor for me to have Nakai’s personal touch, I made him choose the banner color. For a follower of RAUH-Welt and Porsche, it was a priceless moment.  Something I could hold on to before I have my 911!


Nakai-San always recognizes me with my Manila Fitted shirt, I then gave him my last sticker – which I sticked in his shop window.


From fan to family.. Again, I couldn’t thank enough Mark for this amazing experience! Thank you for the warm welcome and the opportunity Akira Nakai.

Time to start on the dream and to continue aiming for the real Rough World…

Hope you enjoyed my tour! Check out this video for more.

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