I remember meeting Ryan at the local BP VIP meet when he was in town to check out some VIP rides. At first I was just thinking “oh hey its a regular guy who’s into the scene and is just around to chill.” After some time we got the talking and he showed me some pics of his Si on Facebook and thought his car would be a great piece for a feature. And now, here he is.

Ryan Gold is a road warrior! A local resident of Santa Barbara but is down to drive from Ventura County area all the way to LA just for car meets that last the usual couple hours give or take. I flipped through his whole process of this Civic’s build and has gone thru quite a bit of make-overs and has grown to be a better and better looking car every time.

From green powder coated OEM si wheels, XXR’s, then BBS RS mesh…. and now coming around with a mint set of CCW’s, Ryan’s Honda has been around with quite a few rims to date. And knowing how Ryan is, I am sure these wheels may be on their way out sooner or later.

This car was on coil overs for the most part and driving around daily in a scraping manner. Until recently, Ryan has swapped out his coils for a set of Megan racing cups in the front, and UAS  in the rear…. now rolling on air suspension.

The interior i found to be very interesting because its not your usual interior with suede or leather upgrades, but with zebra print to keep your eyes distracted and gawking. Recaro buckets hold him and his girl in place, along with Takata harnesses.

From the looks of things, I know Ryan will never be done with this car. So many changes i’ve noticed since i took notice, and im always looking forward to the new additions he has in store.


Shot at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, soliciting in the driveway!

That ass! OEM JDM FD2 tail lights, hand-in-hand with the OEM JDM rear bumper. Seibon rear diffuser added.

CCW LM5’s and Ksport cup kit keep Ryan’s Civic closer to Earth

Flush front wheel fitment, and rears tucked. Best of both worlds.


I spy CCW’s……


Recaro Pole Positions and Takata’s….. on point.


Engine/Performance Modifications
Import DPS 3.5″ Cai
T1r race header
LSD Catback
Polished valve cover
RRC manifold (polished)
J35 TB (polished)
P2r tb spacer (polished)
Hybrid racing fuel rail (polished)
Rdx injectors w/ TC clips
Hondata Flashpro
Polished egr block off plate
P2r tb and im gaskets
Custom skid plate
Jdm mugen quick shifter
Twm base bushings
Twm cable bushings
Hybrid racing upper radiator hose
Import DPS battery Relocator
Spoon oil cap
Spoon radiator cap
Spoon reservoir covers
Wheel/Suspension Upgrades
Universal air/ksport
CCW LM5 17×9.5 f+14 R+16
Megan rear tie bar,
Ingalls front camber bolts(2sets)
Gold mcgard lug nuts
Skunk2 v2 camber arms
Falken 912 215/40/17

Exterior Modifications

OEM Taffeta White
HFP front lip
FD2 (Red H) emblems
Nokya yellow DRLs
6k HIDs
55w ballast
Mini h1 retro projectors
Led plate lights
Oem fd2 taillights 09+
Do-luck style VIS Cf jdm trunk
OEM FD2 Rear bumper
Seibon CF Rear diffuser
Interior Modifications

Red Recaro Pole Positions (PAIR)
Buddyclub low-down rails
Twm shifter extender
Blox 490 Brushed Neo
Zebra shift boot
Mugen mirror cover
Broadway mirror
Zebra door inserts
Rear seat delete
Meganracing lower c-pillar bar
Godspeed x brace
Led interior lights
Takata harness
Hybrid steering wheel

Oem navigation
Jl audio amp
Alpine type-s 12″

Shout outs to: Jenny Barbosa, Royal Origin, and JHP USA.

Words from Ryan Gold:

“When I was shopping for a new car I was going to school for sound production, so as much as I wanted an s2k it wouldnt have worked out. I needed a sedan. I literally bought the car with 4miles on it And I didn’t really have any plan to mod it. Maybe rims and small drop. After I changed my major a few times I realized the potential my car had and I got started. 7 sets of wheels, 5 different trunks, 4 sets of seats, I was hooked. Every time I did something big, I said ok I’m done, then I did another and another. My car is forever a project and forever changing. I’m never satisfied.”