Yo Yo readers, I am the new kid on the “StayFresh Crew” and can’t be more honored with the opportunity. Let me first say thanks to Mark and the whole Fatlace crew for making me part of the fam.

Now let’s get into it shall we; my name is Edafe Omosowofa or better known on the web as Royal_T. I have been in the car scene for as long as I can remember, back when molding R34 taillights was the thing to do…lol. My passion for cars runs deep in my vines, ranging from lowriders, hot rods to lifted tucks, I just love it all. Must of you know me because of my 350z, which has seen more wheels then an 18 wheeler.

I am also a sales rep for DPE Wheels, specializing in the Z/G community; so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions regarding fitment or wheels specs from DPE.

What I plan to do with this blog is bring my life to you guys, whether it is rolling a Z/Gs fenders to fit some sick wheels or a BBQ with the fam. Right now I am going through a build for the Z33 and this will be my main place were I will post up pics of the build, the good and the bad.

So now you guys know a little about myself, which isn’t much,,lol.

Preview of what’s to come…