Better late than never. With the holidays its been really hectic. I finally got around to going through my CF cards and worked on these pics. Hyundai and Antenna magazine invited me out to check out their Remix Lab event in DTLA. It was another intimate setting at a great venue that used to be an old bank. As part of their week long event series, I was able to check out the “Re:Generation” event that started with a roundtable discussion with a few key guests. A couple Hyundai project cars were also on display one featuring a full 3D TV in the trunk and another with a complete DJ set-up. Also on display was a gallery displaying “collaborations” between brands, artists, designers, and more. Pretty interesting stuff and great to see brands supporting our culture and recognizing this generation of consumers.

The highlight of the evening was the DJ performances from the legendary DJ Premier, Crystal Method, Skrillex and even singer Erykah Badu got behind the tables for a set.