A couple of days ago I recevied a special deliver from Mark; what could it be?

Nothing but the best from Mark, this sick Slammed Society Nobori.

Thanks Mark I will rock this well…

Then my good O’ buddy Ben from Cali sent me a swag bag, which included some BRG swag and stickers so I can bomb San Antonio..

All day everyday!!!

Love the tag. For people that don’t know what BRG is, it stands for BoneOut Racing Group. You see BoneOut is a term used in LA back in the day meaning “lets roll out”, “lets jet.”

The crew is made up of a bunch of friends in LA, SA and Japan, that have nothing but love for cars, fashion and just living the life.

Check out BRG website to see whats going down in LA, SA and Japan.

Speaking of how thoughtful Ben is, he sent me a swag bag for my Lil man to be.. Thanks a lot bro means a bunch..

Check out these kicks Lil man is ready to rock and he is not even out of the oven yet..