Marketing holds varying levels of value depending on who you are, some are stanch supporters while others view it as just smoke and mirrors.  But what makes a Gucci sweater worth 100 times more than a Champion sweater?  We’ve always been fascinated by this exact process, the building of brands and brand equity.

Simply put, to us, building a brand is about telling a story.  The better you tell the story, the more engagement you get. The stronger connection consumers feel towards your brand potentially leads to higher sales and price points.

We are Ignition MG, a boutique marketing agency that started our humble beginnings just two years ago in 2015.  Our goal from the onset was to help clients grow their brands and expose them to their core demographics.  With a strong experience in the automotive field, this is naturally where we started.  Mark Arcenal has graciously allowed us access here on Fatlace to blog about our projects and our journey along the way.  We hope you enjoy the ride with us!

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