Q:  At what age did you start getting into art?
A:  I was always into drawing but I started getting seriously interested in art when I was eight years old. After my parents recognized that I had potential, they bought me water color paint sets. I then started painting island scenery so my mother sent me to a water and acrylic painting class where I picked up more tips on how to improve my techniques.

Q:  How did you develop an entrepreneur mind set at such a young age?
A:  I have 110% support from my family and friends. Anytime I have an interest in perusing something new, my family members are always there to help support me. They purchase art supplies, canvases, ink, beads, books, etc. I’m currently interested in becoming a tattoo artist so my family is sending me to a tattoo convention. When I developed a logo, my mother registered it so I could develop my own brand of clothing when I am ready. Because of this support I feel that I can be successful in anything I want to do.

Q:  How is life growing up on Kauai?
A:  The plus side to living on Kauai is that it’s such a laid back community with hardly any crime, and everyone knows each other. The down side for a young artist living on such a small island is that it’s difficult to expose my art to the world.

Q:  What keeps you inspired, motivated and creative? Does your art usually have a meaning behind it?

A: My family keeps me motivated with all their support and help. I usually paint and draw a lot of pictures that express my emotions. Many significant art pieces that I’ve created have deep meaning behind it, usually symbolically explaining my emotions or life story.

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