So this year I finally got to attend JCCS because Max asked me to go with him. Good thing I didn’t have any plans that weekend or I would of missed out. The show was packed with classics. I was hoping to see more Celicas and Mangos but hey I can’t complain.

Written by Kace
Photos shot by Max Nagano




This Datsun looks familiar….





An amazing Kenmeri owned by Patrick Soliman.





I wish I had a CB that clean.







S2k… wait a minute thats a Celica.


This wild 77 Celica caught my eye and is owned by @ohsovong


Sorry if Im posting too many Celicas

If you don’t know this Corolla you must not be on Youtube as much as I am. Mark Still put a Lexus V8 in a 75 Corolla and you can watch more here.




I see what you did there…






Toyota brought out this perfect 2000GT

Right next to it was one of my favorites, a Toyota Sports 800. This flat two 800cc boxer motor was just amazing.

Here’s one more shot.