There really isn’t a definition that can truly describe what art is. Art is like our emotions, there’s never enough words to completely delineate it. Love ,for instance, it’s so abstract and it comes in so many different forms…so many different interpretations.

I came upon one of Chris Labrooy’s recent artworks and I have never seen anything like it. I knew I loved it; it was brilliant but what’s the purpose behind it? Porsche as a lifestyle or Porsche in every day life? There are so many ways to interpret this art…and so many ways to interpret what we are feeling; that’s the beauty of it isn’t it. Art is what we feel. For car enthusiasts, it really is so much more than transportation. It’s the beauty of the car. Art is a passion. Cars are a passion.

Labrooy’s focus was on the Porsche 911 Carrera RS in what looks like Death Valley in California.

His artwork is for sale on his website.

Chris Labrooy’s 911 (link) 


Teara Dela Cruz 
Marketing / Project Management
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