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Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Birthdays are reminders.  Reminding us that we are blessed to spend another beautiful year on this earth.  Reminding us to be thankful.  Reminding us that we are older but more importantly, wiser.  Reminding us to celebrate life.  Well last week that’s exactly what we did.  Remind ourselves just how good life is.  Cheers to my doe or die, my MaryJane cohort, my everyday motivator…Saree!  Cheers doll!!!  To the good life!

 Mezzanine for Common Kings and Katchafire show.

Straight VIP status.  Cuz that’s how we do!

Common Kings


Awwwww shiiii…SURPRISE!!!  J. Boog!

MaryJane in da house!  Shaka!

Met up with the Few and Far gyals in Frisco on day 2 of their road trip bombin the West Coast.
RESPECT ladies!!!  Can’t wait to see the video!

Dinner at Hawker Fare.  For good eats and fresh beats.

OMG.  Get the pork belly with egg if you ever go.  Bomb.com.Then of course had to hit the usual kick it spot…SomaR!Staycation downtown SF.  With a corner view.

…and so FLYYYY.  haha

330 Ritch
Good morning fog!

And guess where the fog is comin from?
Fog city chicks fog fog city chicks.
Happy Earth Day Saree!!!

Till the next episode…


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