Just about every time I sit in my dentists office I think to myself how great would it be if the chair in my office were this functional then I’d probably never go home, in all actuality I love going home home to my family, but I still constantly think to myself, what if. Low and behold Altwork, a Sonoma County based company seems to have been thinking along the same lines, and looks to have come up with a solution to my “what if” so feast your eyes on the most versatile office chair that the world will ever know! The company hopes to begin fulfilling orders with shipments beginning in California / West Coast in mid-2016, with the rest of the U.S. following shortly there-after! I leave the rest of your questions up to the pros and direct you right to their FAQ page, right here Just don’t expect it to be cheap this kind of machinery requires a huge investment as well as countless hours of research and development!

Man, the future of blogging looks so relaxing…This gives an all new meaning to the phrase, “form & function!”