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I’ve had my fair share of trips to the lake and river, mostly to relax and have a few beers with friends. But one water activity that I would love to get into is wakeskating. The speed and challenges of wakeboarding mixed with the creativity and freedom of skating. From kickflips to tailslides its skateboarding on water.

One of the top brands in this industry Remote Wakeskates has partnered with Anarchy sunglasses to release a pair of limited edition sunglasses.

Check out this video from Nike 6.0 to see how fast the sport is progressing.

More info on the release below.

The new Limited Edition Anarchy x Remote Status Sunglasses

Remote Wakeskates’ Silas Thurman is collaborating with Anarchy
Eyewear to introduce the limited edition Anarchy x Remote Status

Based on Anarchy’s Status sunglasses, the Anarchy x Remote Status has
a signature Remote Brown frame, along with gold mirror lenses and
gold highlights throughout.

Only 100 of this model are being made for select retailers and one
has a Golden Ticket to win a brand new Remote Wakeskate.

Retail info will be posted on Anarchy’s Facebook page soon at http://

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  1. Wakeskating promoted on a site such as Fatlace speaks volumes! I know I’m not the only one in our community that shares this enthusiasm. I also know that there would be a few people willing to take you out on the water if you’re ever in the Orlando area…

    1. Very cool. I’ll definitely take you up on that if I get in the area. I’ve seen wakeskating on FUEL many times, but never in person so it would be good to check out.

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